Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Okay, it's the middle of week four and I am down three and a half pounds.  That's not a lot, but to me every pound, even every half-pound is a victory and something to be celebrated, or at the very least acknowledged.

Last weekend was the Independence Day holiday weekend and I had three full days off.  That doesn't sound like a big deal to most working people, but I work two jobs so even having a full weekend is great. So, when it's three days in a row I'm excited.

It turned out to be a very boring weekend, quiet but boring.  My intrepid roommate had agreed to dog sit for some people at Church. It was nice of her, but since we share my car (long story), and since I didn't really want to make the 20-minute-drive each way with her, I was stuck at home a lot.

Being bored is one of my eating triggers. I guess it gives me something to do, to think about.  So having a ton of time and a full fridge was a bit dangerous.  I tried to keep busy. I cleaned the house and attempted to organize my bedroom.  It would take me a week to get it neat and tidy, but at least I made a start.  I also spent tons of time on the internet and did some embroidery.

Thankfully it was pretty hot out, so I didn't feel like doing a lot of cooking or baking. I stuck to eating good food and fruit and when I snacked it wasn't anything with a ton of sugar or fat.

At least on the first day.

Day two I made some brownies. And, you'll be happy to know that five days later there is still half a pan left.

My point of all of the is to say "hurray" for me.  I didn't go nuts and eat everything in sight even though I was bored and a bit depressed.  I think I even have the roommate on board a bit more. She said yesterday that my "changing my food lifestyle" is getting to her too.  She tends to pack my lunch for me. I know, I'm an adult, but I take longer to get ready in the morning and she likes having someone to nurture. In the past I would just eat what she gave me and be grateful for the food and for her effort. In the past few weeks I've started speaking up more about her more fattening choices and it's worked.  Today lunch was a spinach salad with a bit of tortilla strips and cheese.

And so in the middle of week three maybe things are truly changing for the best.

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