Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Keith Urban exercise plan

It's the middle of a new week and I'm at about the same place I was last week. 6 pounds down.  The asthma and hot/humid conditions have really killed my lunch-time walking.

I did come up with a fun way to exercise on Monday.  I went to NYC to see Keith Urban perform at a small club show that was being filled for PBS's television series "Front and Center."

Like all of the dedicated fans there I waited the entire day in line to get the best chance at a good spot for the show.  Luckily I found a small milk crate to sit on so I didn't have to sit on the ground and I didn't have to stand the whole day.

I never eat much when I'm in a general admission line. I'm often at these shows alone these days because my BFF doesn't like the Keith Urban fans much and I don't have any other close friends who will go along for the insanity.  So trusting someone to allow me back in line is sometimes iffy.

This time however, the Chelsea Market was just a block away and the fans around me were supportive and cool with watching my spot for me. So for lunch I had a nice chicken wrap with spinach and mozzerella. Pretty decent choice. right?  I had a couple of bottles of water and one soda during the day and breakfast was a flat bread and white egg and sausage sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. Overall I think I did pretty good.

Now to the exercise. Once we finally got inside, after waiting for 8 hours, this was my spot.

It looks like a killer spot, but the powers that be from PBS decided about 40 "VIPs" and cute young things should be put in front of us. I was sooooo angry! As usually there were two really tall men in front of me. Thankfully one of them was pretty cool (Henry from Long Island), and he did his best to give me a viewing window.

So the exercise is basically two hours of dancing and clapping to Keith. Doesn't that sound like good aerobics and cardio?  I have the chance to do that several more times this summer as I have some more KU concerts coming up. So Keith will help me on my way to a smaller me!


Thanks Keith!

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